By keeping your accounting and financial transactions accurate and up-to-date, Tabaldi allows you to focus on growing your bottom line by having timely data and giving you more time to spend in the front office.

As part of our bookkeeping service, we process your transactions to produce your financial reports on a timely basis so you can measure your results and understand exactly where you stand in managing your business.

We understand that your business needs your full attention and with our client base we know it is important to make financial reporting simple and at a low cost.

Our service is just the thing you are looking for if you are:

  • A small to medium sized company or non-profit organisation;
  • Starting a new company and want to make sure that everything is handled correctly from the beginning;
  • Spending too much time on your company‚Äôs bookkeeping and not enough time bringing in new business;
  • Losing time and money because of mismanaged financial records;
  • Spending too much money for a full-time bookkeeper;
  • Not prepared for your periodic VAT, Income Tax, Payroll, Workmans Compensation, UIF, CIPC etc returns;

Bookkeeping services include:

  • Processing of supplier invoices (creditors)
  • Processing of customer invoices (debtors)
  • Processing of general journals
  • Processing of cash book
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts, suppliers and customers
  • Calculation of vat liability when applicable
  • Management accounts
  • Maintaining fixed asset
  • register and depreciation calculations
  • Inventory control
  • Year end accounting

There are a multitude of bookkeepers to choose from, the most important aspects to consider are the qualifications and levels of customer service. Our team of experienced bookkeepers are supervised and all work is reviewed by highly experienced Chartered Accountants who realise that Tabaldi only exists because our customers choose to use us.

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