IFRS Demystification – IFRS Half day bi annual updates

If you want a practical approach to the IFRS updates in a non-threatening but very informative way, we’ve got a workshop for you. Most accountants out there are looking to keep up to date with the ever changing world of IFRS while staying in touch with our everyday jobs, so you are not alone! It’s a paradigm shift, but IFRS can be demystified.

This session will help you to navigate your way through recent IFRS changes and how they practically apply to your workplace. Through our innovative, interactive and passionate delivery, our presenters will liberate you in understanding relevant technical changes. Our presentation technique to ensure understanding is to do a few theoretical notes and plenty of practical applications.


Course Content

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Strategic Partners

Tabaldi and Atcor have partnered together to bring you a bi annual IFRS update on topical developments in the accounting world. Atcor administers the booking and venue in order to allow Tabaldi to focus on what we do best – presenting interactive and enjoyable accounting courses.



Description Price
Seminar – 1 Person R1,368

Note: The above pricing includes VAT, material and venue

If you have any queries or questions relating to the above information, please feel free to contact Richard Starkey.

We are also available to provide other consultation services such as accounting opinions etc, as well as to provide training on a joint venture basis to your clients on issues that you feel are relevant.





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