IFRS Group workshops

The training will consist of a bi annual full or half day of IFRS updates and topical issues. Technical in nature, but practical in application. We attempt to journalise the latest developments in financial accounting for use in practice.

The workshop is group based, with your firm investment being to purchase a table for your group of 4 to 6 individuals. Discounts apply for multiple table purchases should you wish to send through more than one group from your firm.

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Cost of investment (2012 pricing up to June 2013)

Workshop description– (4-6 Delegates per table)
Full Day Half Day
Purchase 1 table R5 000 R3 500
Purchase 2 tables – 5% discount per table R4 750 R3 325
Purchase 3 tables – 8% discount per table R4 600 R3 220
Purchase 4 tables – 10% discount per table R4 500 R3 150
Purchase 5 tables – 12% discount per table R4 400 R3 080
Thereafter 1% discount per table purchased above five tables up to a maximum of 20% discount

Note: The above pricing excludes VAT, includes revenue hire, printing, and catering. Full day courses include lunch, half day courses exclude lunch. Tea, coffee, snacks and refreshments provided accordingly.

If you have any queries or questions relating to the above information, please feel free to contact Richard Starkey.

We are also available to provide other consultation services such as accounting opinions etc, as well as to provide training on a joint venture basis to your clients on issues that you feel are relevant.





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