Mastering the Fundamentals of IFRS – the 9 series

This course takes the form of 9 practical sessions, starting in August 2012 and running over the duration of a year. With our every-day examples and your questions answered, you will be able to immediately apply what is learnt in each session to your work place.


Course Outline

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Note: The above pricing includes VAT, material and venue

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Course description Price Per Session
1 Seminar R980
3 Seminars R882 (10% Discount)
4 – 6 Seminars R833 (15% Discount)
7 – 8 Seminars R784 (20% Discount)
All 9 Series R735 (25% Discount)

Note: The above pricing includes VAT, material and venue

If you have any queries or questions relating to the above information, please feel free to contact Richard Starkey.

We are also available to provide other consultation services such as accounting opinions etc, as well as to provide training on a joint venture basis to your clients on issues that you feel are relevant.





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